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NetCDF Web is an application for displaying NetCDF files in a web browser. It has been designed with a simple user interface for quick viewing of the data.

NetCDF Web User Interface

Supported NetCDF files

The NetCDF file format can be used to store a very wide range of data. It is probably impossible to create a non-text based user friendly application which displays all types of NetCDF files properly. A number of socalled NetCDF Conventions have therefore been produced (see this list).

The goal of NetCDF Web is to support the NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention. By supporting this convention older conventions like COARDS and GDT are automatically supported. The CF Convention is normally used for gridded data. Support for more conventions will be added in the future based on popular demand.

For this version of NetCDF Web however the ambitions are slightly lower. In addition to the CF Convention the following assumptions are made:

  • Latitude and longitude are the last two dimensions for the NetCDF variables. If this is not the case then data will be presented as a contour plot with the last dimensional variable along the x axis and the second last along the y axis.
  • Compression by gathering is not supported.
  • Two-dimensional latitude and longitude coordinate variable mapping is not recognised. The application will instead use the required one-dimensional coordinate variables.

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